Canyoneering Competency Checklist

Canyon Guides International announces the release of its new Canyoneering Competencies Checklist (developed in cooperation with Rich Carlson and Canyons & Crags) – a major step forward from current skills lists. This multi-purpose document incorporates: This is not only a document that lists canyoning skills and competencies; it also offers an instructional framework and philosophy […]

Congratulations Matthew Arnold – Level 2 Certification

Matthew is working professionally guiding canyons in British Columbia Canada. Under the mentorship of Guillaume Coupier (CGI Level 3 Pro Guide), Matthew is helping to develop the sport of canyoning in and around the Okanagan area of BC. They offer half day trips that are a one of a kind Okanagan adventure. Level 2 Fixed […]

Canada’s best canyoning sites

Always enjoy seeing CGI guides in the news. Check out this article featuring West Coast Canyoning Adventures in British Columbia, Canada. Navigating Canada’s best canyoning sites – some outdoor skills required

FX Gagnon

In today’s Guide Spotlight – FRANCOIS XAVIER (FX) GAGNON – CGI Certified Level 3 Pro Canyon Guide. Also serving as the current CGI Regional Director for Canada. FX resides in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Since 1999, FX has been an international adventure guide specialized in backcountry skiing, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, and canyoning. His love […]

Adolfo Isassi

In today’s Guide Spotlight – ADOLFO ISASSI – CGI Certified Level 3 Pro Canyon Guide. Also serving as the current Technical Director for CGI. Adolfo resides in Huricane, Utah. Canyoneering has been a big part of my life for the last eight years. I started my canyoneering specific training under the mentorship of Rich Carlson […]

New Instructors/Evaluators

Canyon Guides International conducted a training program for aspiring instructors/evaluators the last two weeks of November 2020 in Monterrey, Mexico. CGI Senior Instructor, Rich Carlson, provided instruction the fist weekend. Topics included establishing learning objectives, developing lesson plans, course design, setting objective standards for guide evaluation, and conducting efficient skills assessments for certification.Students worked together […]

New Regional Director, Mexico Norte

Tomas Hernandez has accepted the position of Regional Director, Mexico Norte. Tomas brings to the position many years of climbing and canyonering experience. He is a CGI certified Pro Canyon Guide, Level 3, and a certified Instructor/Evaluator.  We are confident that Tomas will prove to be a tremendous asset to the organization for the benefit […]

Guide Training, Level 1/2

COVID has presented many challenges in 2020. Challenge accepted for this 9-day Level 1 and Level 2 training program in Monterrey Mexico. Many restrictions were in place so location options were limited, but we still managed to cover all topics for this group of aspiring canyon guides from Mexico and the United States. My thanks […]


hout outs to Pepe “Barranco” Benavides and Diego Del Rio of Canyons.MX (Guadalajara Mexico). If you have not yet stumbled upon their website and Facebook group … it’s time. Both of these guys believe in karma and go out of their way to share their good karma. If you are a canyoneer you will benefit […]

Canyoneering Karma

Canyon Guides International (CGI) supports the service mission of Canyoneering Karma. In fact, we consider Canyon Guides International and Canyoneering Karma to be sister programs. Canyoneering Karma exists as a place to share our passion for canyoneering and to find ways we can all channel that passion and our blessings toward serving others. We have all […]

Facebook Group

We have added a Facebook groups to provide another tool for our members to connect and share information and ideas.  Check it out: Pro Canyon Guides Group on Facebook