Matthew is working professionally guiding canyons in British Columbia Canada. Under the mentorship of Guillaume Coupier (CGI Level 3 Pro Guide), Matthew is helping to develop the sport of canyoning in and around the Okanagan area of BC. They offer half day trips that are a one of a kind Okanagan adventure.

Level 2 Fixed Site / Single Pitch Canyon Guide

Fixed Site / Single Pitch Canyon Guide is a certification available to individuals who either (a) guide fewer than three canyons that all have similar characteristics, hydrology and emergency response requirements, or (b) guide easy canyons with simple, straight-forward anchors and rigging (single-point natural anchors, bolted anchors, basic deadman anchors). It is also suitable for individuals who anticipate that a significant portion of their work will be teaching canyoneering skills in non-canyon environments such as local climbing crags.

This is just a stepping stone on Matthews path to higher levels. Keep it going Matthew

Rich Carlson

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