Your Path to Professional Certification

Recognizing that knowledge and skills acquired from a variety of sources should be encouraged and rewarded.

There is no shortage of certification schemes for canyon guides offered by various organizations around the world. Some are quite good, but most expect an aspiring guide to complete a series of courses only with that organization.

There is nothing wrong with that, except that the best guides typically acquire their knowledge and skills from a variety of sources, both formal and informal.

Canyon Guides International (CGI) provides a path to an international certification that is based on validating four things:


For Professional Canyon Guides

Our assessment program provides you with an opportunity to consolidate all of your informal learning, formal training, experience and existing credentials to receive an internationally-recognized certification. Certification indicates to prospective clients and students that your technical knowledge and competence have been assessed to the standard of a professional organization.

For Clients Seeking a Guide or Instructor

CGI certified professionals have undergone rigorous assessment to insure their knowledge and skills meet and exceed international standards. For you as a consumer, CGI certification provides a decisive tool for choosing the right person for your needs and objectives.

Certification Levels

Level 1 Guide

Aspirant Canyon Guide certification (Level 1) is ideal for an entry-level guide working as an apprentice or assistant guide before pursuing higher levels of certification.

Level 2 Guide

Fixed Site / Single Pitch Canyon Guide certification (Level 2) is available to individuals who guide a limited number of beginner to intermediate level canyons.

Level 3 Guide

Pro Canyon Guide certificiation (Level 3) is for guides who can demonstrate a high level of technical competence in beginner through advanced canyons.

Level 4 Guide

Master Canyon Guide certification (Level 4) is for those who have attained a level of technical proficiency that represents the pinnacle of guiding excellence.

Teaching canyoneering skills to others involves more than technical competence. Effective instructors must be good communicators who use an array of teaching strategies to accommodate students’ learning styles. Instructor Development Courses for Instructor/Evaluator certification are available as an add-on for CGI certified guides, Level 2 and higher.

CGI’s accreditation program has been developed for guiding programs, schools and services that offer canyoneering instruction and/or guided canyoneering. Accreditation provides a consistent standard for judging the reliability and professionalism of a canyoneering service by ensuring it conforms to industry standards, conducts ongoing guide training and promotes ethical business practices.

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