In today’s Guide Spotlight – FRANCOIS XAVIER (FX) GAGNON – CGI Certified Level 3 Pro Canyon Guide. Also serving as the current CGI Regional Director for Canada. FX resides in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

Since 1999, FX has been an international adventure guide specialized in backcountry skiing, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, and canyoning.

His love for sharing the outdoors with others moved him to North Vancouver, in the North Shore Mountains, where he started West Coast Educational Adventures & West Coast Canyoning Adventures Ltd.

Being in the snow, in the water on the rocks is what fills FX and inspires him to empower others. In that way you will find he doesn’t just “show up” to the day, he brings a passion that helps you transcend your fears and barriers.


“A true guide is able to bring others to a higher level of self-awareness, help them achieve higher goals and surpass their limits, create a deeper connection with nature and others while maintaining amazing, memorable adventures without compromising safety. This is where the term “‘mentor-neering’ comes from.” -FX Gagnon

FX’s experience spans two decades and includes search and rescue. He knows as well as anyone the risks and the importance of risk management. For that reason, high standards of safety are achieved through thorough planning and adhering to industry best practices.

As the sport grows in North America, FX remains the only certified Canyoning Adventures Operator on the West Coast of Canada and is setting the standards as high as possible so those that follow will also promote safety awareness and environmental stewardship.
His goal is to establish West Coast Education Adventures as a new benchmark for outdoor education, promoting experiential learning by keeping its students actively engaged in an appropriately challenged and mindful experience.

Whether hanging rope-taught below a waterfall, practicing first aid, avalanche safety, or just figuring out how to roll your kayak, FX will be there every step of the way to ensure the best learning experience on your path to sustainable and independent adventure.

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