Canyon Guides International conducted a training program for aspiring instructors/evaluators the last two weeks of November 2020 in Monterrey, Mexico. CGI Senior Instructor, Rich Carlson, provided instruction the fist weekend. Topics included establishing learning objectives, developing lesson plans, course design, setting objective standards for guide evaluation, and conducting efficient skills assessments for certification.Students worked together over the next four days to prepare for an actual course and assessment for Level 1 and Level 2 canyon guides. The course and assessment on the second weekend included anchors, rigging, rescue, risk assessment and client care. The guide candidates in the course were unanimous in their praise of the new instructors/evaluators and were pleased with the knowledge and skills they acquired during the course.

All six of the instructor/evaluator candidates passed their evaluations. Congratulations to:

  • Tomas Hernandez (Level 3)
  • Rolando De Leon (Level 3)
  • Oscar Garcia (Level 3)
  • Daniel Zarazua Gomez (Level 3)
  • Joshimar Salinas Ramos (Level 2)
  • Lylia Rocha (Level 2)

… And congratulations to the canyon guide candidates who successfully completed their training and certification assessments:

  • David Eugenio Garza Garcia (Level 2)
  • Carlos Alberto Martinez Silva (Level 2)
  • Miguel Trevino (Level 1)
  • Esthela Lizeth Rodriguez Martinez (Level 1)
  • Jose Durazo (Level 1)
  • Tonatiuh Duarte (Level 1)
  • Juan Carlos Quiroz (Level 1)