The science behind teaching & learning: Tying Knots

During the few years that I have spent as a canyoneering instructor, I have been able to gather some observations regarding teaching how to tie knots: These observations lead me to suspect that “spatial awareness” (our ability to place shapes and objects in a three dimensional space) may be the key to better understand how to teach knots and […]

Book Review : Canyoning in the Pacific Northwest

The title of this book is a little bit misleading. Yes, it certainly covers plenty of swift-water related techniques pertinent to the Pacific North West region of USA, but it also offers plenty of techniques, tips, and insights for class A & B canyons. If you are a CGI instructor offering a course, the chapters […]

New Instructors/Evaluators

Canyon Guides International conducted a training program for aspiring instructors/evaluators the last two weeks of November 2020 in Monterrey, Mexico. CGI Senior Instructor, Rich Carlson, provided instruction the fist weekend. Topics included establishing learning objectives, developing lesson plans, course design, setting objective standards for guide evaluation, and conducting efficient skills assessments for certification.Students worked together […]