12 New Level 2 Guides in Mexico

Canyon Guides International is proud to announce the training and certification of 12 new Level 2 canyon guides in Mexico. In February and March of this year CGI Instructors Rich Carlson and Adolfo Isassi were invited to train and assess a group of canyoneers from a Monterrey canyoning club called Legión Cañonera del Norte. It […]

Congratulations Matthew Arnold – Level 2 Certification

Matthew is working professionally guiding canyons in British Columbia Canada. Under the mentorship of Guillaume Coupier (CGI Level 3 Pro Guide), Matthew is helping to develop the sport of canyoning in and around the Okanagan area of BC. They offer half day trips that are a one of a kind Okanagan adventure. Level 2 Fixed […]

Newest Level 2 Pro Canyon Guide: Timothy Reynolds

Timothy is a canyoneering guide based in Tucson, AZ USA. From Tim’s CGI profile: “Tim Reynolds started his fascination with the vertical world and canyoneering over 10 years ago. He was initially completely self taught, although thru the years has advanced his knowledge well beyond that and now holds his certification as a professional canyon […]

Canada’s best canyoning sites

Always enjoy seeing CGI guides in the news. Check out this article featuring West Coast Canyoning Adventures in British Columbia, Canada. Navigating Canada’s best canyoning sites – some outdoor skills required

FX Gagnon

In today’s Guide Spotlight – FRANCOIS XAVIER (FX) GAGNON – CGI Certified Level 3 Pro Canyon Guide. Also serving as the current CGI Regional Director for Canada. FX resides in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Since 1999, FX has been an international adventure guide specialized in backcountry skiing, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, and canyoning. His love […]

Adolfo Isassi

In today’s Guide Spotlight – ADOLFO ISASSI – CGI Certified Level 3 Pro Canyon Guide. Also serving as the current Technical Director for CGI. Adolfo resides in Huricane, Utah. Canyoneering has been a big part of my life for the last eight years. I started my canyoneering specific training under the mentorship of Rich Carlson […]

New Regional Director, Mexico Norte

Tomas Hernandez has accepted the position of Regional Director, Mexico Norte. Tomas brings to the position many years of climbing and canyonering experience. He is a CGI certified Pro Canyon Guide, Level 3, and a certified Instructor/Evaluator.  We are confident that Tomas will prove to be a tremendous asset to the organization for the benefit […]