Timothy is a canyoneering guide based in Tucson, AZ USA.

From Tim’s CGI profile:

“Tim Reynolds started his fascination with the vertical world and canyoneering over 10 years ago. He was initially completely self taught, although thru the years has advanced his knowledge well beyond that and now holds his certification as a professional canyon guide. He is affiliated with the ACE as well as Canyon Guides International. His hands-on technique and his knack for being able to truly reach any audience really comes to play while teaching his passion-canyoneering. He takes safety seriously yet will have you laughing the entire time”

Level 2 Fixed Site / Single Pitch Canyon Guide

Fixed Site / Single Pitch Canyon Guide is a certification available to individuals who either (a) guide fewer than three canyons that all have similar characteristics, hydrology and emergency response requirements, or (b) guide easy canyons with simple, straight-forward anchors and rigging (single-point natural anchors, bolted anchors, basic deadman anchors). It is also suitable for individuals who anticipate that a significant portion of their work will be teaching canyoneering skills in non-canyon environments such as local climbing crags.

This is just a stepping stone on Timothy’s certification path to higher levels. Keep it going Tim.

Adolfo Isassi
CGI Advisor/Technical Director