Learning new tools

cognitive bias

As professional guides, we have invested resources and time learning an array of skills to perform our chosen role and craft in canyons. One of these skills is working with ropes and rigging systems to mitigate the risks involved while traveling through canyoning routes with clients.As time passes by, and especially if we guide the […]

Releasable to Tails Up Efficient Transition

Rigging releasable for team/clients on temporary rigging, and transitioning to retrievable rigging for last person/lead/guide. Use case: There are a couple of cases throughout the Colorado plateau where you need to use retrievable-rigging, in combination with releasability for people who are ready for self-rescue. Badly located anchors that have already caused deep grooves that result […]

Do we know enough about our clients’ health and abilities to manage risks?

Canyon Day

As canyoneers, we are all too familiar with canyoneering “Beta” and its benefits. The rating and data on the canyon help us with the planning and risk mitigation. (Beta is jargon that designates information about a canyon. Beta may include information about the length and difficulty of the approach, number and length of rappels, ease […]

Canyoneering Terminology Translations

I got this book (photo) from Rich Carlson some years ago.Great information for traveling around the world canyoneering, mountaineering,  or just climbing.But probably more useful for training, assessing and understanding the latest developments in ropework. CGI has been growing steadily in Mexico and because of this growth, I have received some inquiries regarding translations from […]

Retrievable Rigging: Is It Useful for Professional Guiding?

Sooner or later, canyoneers will come across this particular area of rigging: Retrievable rigging Depending on the country or region of the world, it can be referred to as: – Retrievable Rigging/Retrievable Anchors – Ghosting- Transient Rigging/Transient Anchors– Métodos de Fortuna (Lucky Methods) There is a surprisingly long list of methods under this category: All […]