Rigging releasable for team/clients on temporary rigging, and transitioning to retrievable rigging for last person/lead/guide.

Use case:

There are a couple of cases throughout the Colorado plateau where you need to use retrievable-rigging, in combination with releasability for people who are ready for self-rescue.

  • Badly located anchors that have already caused deep grooves that result in rope stuck on rope pulls
  • Canyon entrances that are close to public trails and leaving webbing is a bad choice.
  1. Use your sling runner (or baskested webbing) to create a temporary anchor. Or just use the bolts and webbing at the station.
  2. Rig releasable. Your choice of block or redirect. In the photo, it is a redirect (MMO)
  3. Make sure to join your ropes on the rappel side
  4. For efficiency sake use a Fig 8 on a bight for the bag side and a Double Sheet Bend for the rappel side
  5. For the last person, remove the temporary rigging and disconnect the Sheet Bend. Leave the Fig 8
  6. Rig your toggle rigging
  7. Use the Fig 8 on a bight to pull the toggle stick
Temporary sling on anchor. MMO > Fig 8 Bight > Sheet Bend
Munter ready to lower
Sheet Bend to Marlin Spike Hitch & Fig 8 Bight to Pull Toggle

This is a follow up posting for this CGI Post: