For now consider this map a sample only. Final version will have custom pins to distinguish between different types of organizations. Perhaps those offering training only, those offering training and certification, those offering certification only, etc.

International Standards and Accreditation

We are dedicated to supporting organizations that offer training and certification for professional canyon guides and instructors. Our goal is to establish equivalencies between programs, encourage reciprocity and to promote international recognition of quality training and certification providers.

We believe that guides and the community are best served through open sharing of information and exposure to diverse training and experience. In a spirit of cooperation we invite organizations around the world to participate. There is no cost for listing your program in our directory.




UNDER CONSTRUCTION.  This page will include a list of (accredited?) schools and training centers. Can include training offered to recreational canyoneers as well as professional guides. It will include their logos and a paragraph description of their programs, along with links and contact information.

Also possible to create a search system for training programs like the search available on the Member Directory.


Questions? Comments? We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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