International Standards and Recognition for Canyon Guides and Instructors

All credible professions require formal training and proof of competency. The profession of guiding is no different and there are a number of established training and certification organizations throughout the world for canyon guides.

Our mission is to establish international standards for professional guide certification and connect organizations to establish equivalencies and encourage reciprocity. The goal is to insure the investment you made in your training and certification is recognized everywhere you wish to work.




UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Not a new certification. No additional assessment required. Goal is to establish international standards and equivalencies to recognize training and certifications that already exist. Dues will be kept extremely low. Just enough to cover cost of maintaining website directory. Perhaps $5US per year.

This page will not include a directory. Guides and instructors listed in the Member Directory. This page will include detailed information about the program for canyon guides and instructors.


Questions? Comments? We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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