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The certified professionals listed here have undergone rigorous training and examination, meeting a demanding international standard. For you as a consumer, certification provides a decisive tool for choosing the right guide or instructor for your needs and objectives.

Francois-Xavier (A.K.A FX) Gagnon
As long as I can remember, I have felt the strong call of the outdoors. But stronger yet was the call for sharing my passion and experience with others as an Outdoor Guide and Educator. For over two decades, empathy, creativity, communication, and diligence helped me to become a leader who thrives on passing his knowledge to others.
Rich Carlson
Started canyoneering in the 70s and have since explored canyons on five continents. Guiding and teaching since 1990. Founder of the American Canyoneering Association in 1999. Resigned from the ACA in 2016 to pursue other projects. Now based in Utah, I continue to train canyoneers, canyon guides and rescue teams around the world. Feeling blessed.
Joshimar Salinas
Mi nombre es Joshimar Salinas, nacido en Monterrey, nuevo león, México, tengo descendientes de la sierra de chihuahua, así que la mayor parte de mi vida viví entre sierras montañosas y montes. Me apasiona que las personas disfruten tanto el cañón como lo disfruto yo, me gusta hacer los recorridos divertidos para que sea toda una experiencia de vida para mis clientes.
Ingeniero mecanico de profesion, instructor ssi de buceo 1 estrella de la Cmas - Fmas, practico el excursionismo, espeleologia, cañonismo, buceo y bici de montaña desde hace mas de 30 años. Experiencia en planeacion y logistica de expediciones. Fundador y guia de la empresa de Turismo de aventura Aventux.
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