Instructor Certification

Teaching canyoneering skills to others involves more than technical competence. Effective instructors must be good communicators who use an array of teaching strategies to accommodate students’ learning styles. Assessments for Instructor certification are available as an add-on for CGI certified guides, Level 2 and higher. Instructor certification assessments focus on teaching skills rather than specific technical skills.

CGI certified Instructors offer standardized curriculums for both recreational canyoneers and aspiring professional canyon guides.

Training and assessment for becoming a certified instructor is open to guides who are CGI certified Level 2 or higher.


Share Your Passion

CGI certified professional guides and instructors come from many different backgrounds, but one thing unites them all – their passion for our sport and their desire to provide their clients and students with the best possible canyoneering experiences and training.

Becoming a CGI certified instructor requires rigorous training and examination that meets and exceeds international standards. It is hard work, but well worth it for the select few who make the grade.

Your Benefits

  • All of the benefits of being a Professional Member.
  • Standardized curriculums for training recreational canyoneers and aspiring professional guides.
  • Training materials, including online courses and resources.
  • Affilliation with a respected professional organization with an international presence.
  • CGI will use its resources to help you market your courses.

Our Expectations

We expect all instructors to teach the CGI curriculum at each level. Courses that do not follow the CGI curriculum cannot be represented as CGI courses.

The training curriculum for recreational canyoneering includes three levels:

I. Basic Canyoneering

II. Technical Canyoneering

III. Advanced / Canyon Leader

The training curriculum for professional canyon guides includes four levels.


Steps to Becoming an Instructor

  1. Obtain CGI certification, Level 2 or higher.
  2. Complete the CGI Instructor training and assessment.
  3. Serve as an assistant to a CGI Certified Instructor at least once for each level course to be taught by the new instructor.
  4. Serve as the lead instructor with a CGI Certified Instructor observing the course.
  5. Register here when you receive notice that you passed the requirements for Instructor Certification.

Guide-Instructor Progressions

  • Level 1 Guides can be trained and certified by any CGI Certified Guide.
  • Level 2 Guides can be trained by any CGI Certified Guide, Level 2 or higher, but can only be certified by CGI Certified Instructors.
  • Level 3 Guides can only be trained and certified by CGI Certified Instructors who are Level 3 or higher.
  • Level 4 Guides can only be certified by CGI Certified Instructors who are Level 4.