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Recreational Canyoneers

Are you looking for a canyon guide? Are you interested in learning more skills? Check out our Member Directory where you will find highly-qualified and certified guides and instructors around the world. You can filter your search results by either region or discipline or both.

The certified professionals listed here have undergone rigorous training and examination, meeting a demanding international standard. For you as a consumer, certification provides a decisive tool for choosing the right guide or instructor for your needs and objectives.

Pro Canyon Guides & Instructors

All credible professions require formal training and proof of competency. The profession of guiding is no different and there are a number of established training and certification organizations throughout the world for canyon guides.

Our mission is to establish international standards for professional guide certification and connect organizations to establish equivalencies and encourage reciprocity. The goal is to help insure the investment you made in your training and certification is recognized in the places you wish to work.

For canyon guides seeking certification: Guide Certification

For guiding services and schools seeking accreditation: Program Accreditation

Training & Certifying Organizations

We are dedicated to supporting organizations that offer training and certification for professional canyon guides and instructors. Our goal is to establish equivalencies between programs, encourage reciprocity and to promote international recognition of quality training and certification providers.

We believe that guides and the community are best served through open sharing of information and exposure to diverse training and experience.